Why Opt for Organic Baby Clothes?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Organic baby clothes are an excellent option for those who wish to select the best and the most perfect clothing for their little ones. Organic pure cotton is known to be good for our skin and body system as well as for a secure and cleaner environment. Organic cotton is normally grown without the application of the dangerous chemicals, powerful bleaches or pesticides. Therefore, the amount of such dangerous substances that goes into the soil, air and water is reduced in significant amounts. As a result, the chances of polluting the environment are effectively reduced. It additionally helps to maintain soil fertility apart from building a biologically diverse farming system.

Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes

Natural fabrics like pure cotton allow excellent air circulation, a process that aids in the removal and absorption of body moisture. This also helps to keep your body system dry and cool in moist and hot weather. Organic pure cotton is more preferred due to its several advantages, for instance, it is usually grown using natural fertilizers, and toxic substances and pesticides are not at all used during its harvesting. They are used to make organic clothes without requiring the application of powerful bleaches and dyes. Such clothes made from organic fabrics minimize one's exposure to industrial toxins and chemicals, which usually lead to allergic reactions and other illnesses including respiratory problems. As a result, therefore, those babies who suffer from allergies and other forms of chemical sensitivities get various health benefits from these organic clothes.

How to Choose

A baby's skin is always very sensitive and delicate, and as such, you need to be extra careful while selecting his or her outfits. Your baby will definitely benefit from organic clothing as they have been proven to be 100 percent natural and safe. Organic baby clothes are also available in varieties of styles, colors and designs. They are often made from organic materials, mostly organic pure cotton, and as such are luxuriously soft and soothing on babies' skin. The major advantage of organic clothing is that they are always dust-mite resistant and hypo-allergenic. This, in essence, implies that your child's skin remains completely safe and healthy when dressed in organic outfits. This also explains why many parents go for organic clothes, such as, organic baby beddings and diapers.

While shopping, parents should ensure that these clothes are actually made from 100 percent organic cotton. They also need to select a well-known brand so as to get high quality products. Organic baby clothes are available in large numbers ranging from trousers to child caps, booties, skullcaps, T-shirts, skirts, rompers, body suits, sweaters, baby gowns, crawlers, shorts, play suits and terry sets. Organic blanket is the best option for your child to enjoy a comfortable sleep. Organic baby diapers are also a suitable buy as they absorb the wetness and keep the baby's skin dry. Thus, with the use of these organic diapers, the chances of fungal infections being experienced due to wetness is reduced, and as a result, your child is well protected from skin rashes and any allergic reactions.

You can equally play a part in protection of the environment from potentially dangerous chemicals by purchasing these organic baby outfits. Such clothes are great for your child's skin. After all, the most important thing, you should never compromise on, is your baby's health.

Ways of Announcing the Birth of Your Baby

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

After a tasking pregnancy period, the birth of a baby is usually welcomed with huge relief and joy. Those close to you wait with baited breath for the precious birth announcement, while those who are a bit distance may be taken by surprise. Either way, announcing the birth of your baby is a very important step and should be well thought of prior to the birth. You can choose to let people know as soon as you leave the delivery room, or you can give yourself time to recover first before letting the word out. There are a number of fun avenues of announcing the birth of your baby. Here are some examples:

1) Social Networks

Sites like Twitter and Facebook have become part of our lives. You may have used them before to give your online friends a sneak peak of what is going on in your life, and the arrival of your baby is no exception. Make the post creative and fun. You can say something about yourself; 'motherhood/fatherhood here I come!' or center it on the baby. One parent described his newborn son as a 'fine young man' and went ahead to state 'I hereby declare this day a public holiday!'. This just shows you that you can come up with entertaining ways of passing the message. You can go ahead and add pictures and videos of your little one. These updates go viral within minutes and you you're your family and friends flooding your page with congratulatory messages.

2) Phone Calls

These apply to close friends and family who have had the chance to walk with you down the pregnancy journey. If you had not carried out a scan to find out the sex of the baby, such phone calls start with the all so familiar 'it's a boy!' or 'it's a girl!'. Amid the excitement, the recipient might enquire about the name, weight, looks of the baby and so on. Skype is another awesome method of announcing the birth of your baby. It's especially useful if the people are overseas, you do not have to worry about the call rates. Your friends and family get an opportunity to see you and most importantly the baby and you can communicate to several people at the same time.

3) Text Messages and Emails

These two have been grouped together as they allow you to send one message to several people at once. Such messages are not very specific, just generic information on the arrival of the baby. They are less time consuming and can be sent to tens or even hundreds of people at the click of a button.

4) Baby Blog

If you wish to fill people in on every detail of your baby, set up a baby blog which will not only be used in announcing the birth of your baby but also updating on the progress. Link your social media pages to the blog so that your visitors can easily find their way. With a blog you can include photos, videos, interactive comments, growth charts and so on. You can also leave some space for future siblings!

How to Make Unique Birth Announcements

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The arrival of a baby in the family is a joyous moment for the mother and father of the newborn. Both of them are eager to announce the arrival of the new born to their friends and other members of their family. Even though word-of-mouth announcements are quite popular and commonly used, there are several other unique options you can choose from to let your loved ones to know about this special occasion.

Greeting Cards - the Traditional Method

One of the most popular options of making birth announcements is to send greeting cards. If you want to opt for a traditional method then this is your best option. However, this method is quite outdated. This article will provide you with insights on how to announce the birth of your child, to the world, in a special way. You have several options to choose from.

Personalized Chocolate Wrappers

Chocolate wrappers are the rage nowadays and provide you with a unique option to make birth announcements of your baby to your friends and family members. There are numerous organizations that specialize in manufacturing such wrappers. You have to provide them with details like the name of the baby, his/her parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters etc. You should also include the date and time when the baby was born. All ths information will be printed on the wrapper, which can then be wrapped on chocolate slabs. Provide the organization with the chocolate slabs you plan to send. They will manufacture a wrapper of suitable dimensions, wrap the chocolates in them, and then send it to you.

Unique Picture Cookies

How about taking a picture of your baby and getting the same printed on a cookie? Several bakeries use specialized printers, capable of printing the image of your newborn baby on freshly-baked cookies, using food-grade colors. You can rest assured that the recipients will be surprised when they receive such cookies.

Photo Frames

A picture frame containing the picture of the baby is another good idea of announcing the birth of your   newborn to your friends and relatives. The recipients can keep them in their house or office. They will be reminded of the special occasion every time they look at the picture. If you so want, you can opt for photographs containing a picture of your entire family along with that of the baby. If you want to send a limited quantity of frames and do not mind spending more, you can opt for digital photo frames. They provide you with the option of incorporating several images, which can be displayed as a slide-show.

Personalized Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are yet another option for your baby's birth announcements. They are imprinted with the image of the baby and details like the date and time of his/her birth. Since these magnets are available in various shapes and sizes, you can be sure of finding one that meets your requirements and budget. You only need to provide the organization manufacturing such magnets with a digitized photo of your baby along with other particulars as mentioned above.

Champagne Bottles/Food Jars

Champagne bottles are another unique way of announcing the arrival of your newborn to your loved ones. Contact an organization that specializes in printing stickers and provide them with a photo of your baby along with the date and time of his/her birth. Once you get the self-adhesive labels, affix them carefully on the champagne bottle, and send them to your loved ones. Alternatively, you can affix the label on colorful food jars as well. Each time the recipient looks at them, they will be reminded about your baby.

Brothers and Sisters React to Finding Out the Gender of Their New Sibling!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Some siblings are excited to find out the gender of their new brother or sisters. Others...not so much!

Creative Ways to Announce Your Baby's Birth

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nothing beats the happiness of new parents whose excitement cannot be concealed over the birth of their new baby. There are many ways to make birth announcements. It usually depends on the enthusiasm of the parents in showing off their new child to the world, but if you're someone who wants to make announcing the birth of your baby a big deal (and a special one) then here are some sure trusted ways to get everyone swooning over your baby love.

1. Blog about it

The topics you can read about on blogs are endless. It is not surprising that baby blogs are also very popular. There are ways in which you can kickstart your baby blog. Some people start theirs during pregnancy, the birth, and until the baby has his or her first experiences. You can also start the blog by announcing the birth of your baby and continue by making regular updates on your baby's progress.

2. Post a status about it on social media sites
If you're reading this on the internet, then it is impossible that you do not have at least one account on a social media site. Some of the most popular networks are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and many more. These sites do not only allow you to post simple text, but they encourage you to embed videos, post photos, share links and many more. With these exciting options alone, you are sure to not run out of ideas on announcing the birth of your baby. Plus, most of your friends, family, colleagues and all your other acquaintances are all on these sites. You would be able to spread the word to more people. Moreover, if you have accounts on the four biggest social media sites, you don't have to make the updates for each. You can just link the accounts and have everything covered.

3. Make creative paper announcements
Some couples want to make it traditional. This method will make the announcement special too. After all, weddings and other special occasions always have paper invites. So, why not make the announcement on a nice paper with your baby's picture on it along with some crafty and creative designs? Then, you can set aside one copy, frame it and hang it on the wall of the baby's room in your home.

4. Make phone calls and text messages

There are other couples who are keen with their privacy and rather conservative when it comes to their personal lives. Another traditional way of making the announcement to close family and friends is by personally informing them about the birth of your baby through SMS or through a phone call.
The birth of the baby is the most precious memory that parents will keep for the rest of their lives. It is only right that announcements are made to welcome the child into the world with much love and anticipation. The announcement is just the start. Pretty soon, there will be other major events in the succeeding months from his or her birth that you need to announce, like baptisms and other firsts.